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Welcome! Here are some of my travel experiences and stories so far.

wandering around Sultanahmet Istanbul

Half day of wandering around Sultanahmet Istanbul

Sultanahmet – old city is part of Istanbul formerly known as Constantinople. It’s an area bounded by water on three sides to the north, east, south and by the old city walls to the west. It’s close proximity to all of the most famous historic sights in Istanbul makes it...

Four days stay in Cappadocia

Four days stay in Cappadocia – Green Tour

My plan to visit Cappadocia was almost entirely based on riding a hot air balloon. Floating over the beautiful landscape and seeing the fairy chimneys up close was all I could imagine about Cappadocia. That’s why I booked the hot air balloon flight one month earlier. I knew booking...

rewarding hot air balloon flight in cappadocia

Rewarding hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia

Your stay in Cappadocia wouldn’t be complete without going up on a hot air balloon. It sounds like an overstatement, but there is something about Cappadocia that can only be experienced through a panorama view. For me, hot air balloon flight was at the top of the list of activities...

balloon flight in Cappadocia

The excitement of hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia

Mesmerizing fairy chimneys, picture-perfect sunrise, and excitement of a hot air balloon flight were the highlights of my Cappadocia trip. I never expected a rock formation created by volcanic eruption & weathering action could be this beautiful – when I first found out about...

cappadocia green tour people I've met

To the people I’ve met traveling in Turkey

For me traveling the world was all about sightseeing, adventure, and the sense of freedom it gives me. I never thought it could be a life-changing experience. Turkey was my first travel, and so I didn’t have a high expectation about what could come out of it.  After I spent 9 days...